Electric Arc Furnace

The high performing 120 t Electric Arc Furnace is the result of choosing the best technology such as Ultra High Power (130 MVA transformer) design which allows to operate the furnace at  high secondary voltage and longer Arc, resulting in shorter processing time for melting heat.

The combination of eight shell mounted injector modules for oxygen, carbon and lime injection in the melt and HIREG® Digital Electrodes Regulation system, produces the most favorable foamy slag cover over the melt and thus produces the highest quality steel with optimum power, electrode & refractory consumption. Several other high end technologies such as furnace bottom stirring and Eccentric Bottom Tapping (EBT) ensure homogeneous and cleaner steel. 

The EAF design flexibility of using various combination of electrical and chemical energy, allows optimal combinations of charge materials, such as different types of scrap, HBI & DRI, for the melting process. The scrap is transferred to the Furnace bay by a radio controlled scrap car and charged into the furnace by a 250 EOT crane. The charging of HBI/ DRI and slag builders is continuously done through the furnace roof during the melting stage. The whole melting process is performed in  a fully automated and computerized sequence and the produced liquid steel is tapped into the ladle. The liquid steel is then transferred to the Ladle Refining Furnace for final composition control and refining.